Fresno Pirate Festival

May 16th & 17th 2020

A pirate event with 100's of pirates recreating New Providence, a thriving pirate community. The residents of New Providence will have handmade wares for sale, fine food and ales, dancing gypsies, multiple stage shows, mermaids, and a whole weekend of fun whilst reenacting a bit of history all in the swashbuckling style.

Meet Premeire Cannon Crew The Rogues of the Golden Coast

These cannons aboard the HMS Marauder are kept ablaze by the meanest gunners to sail the seven seas, so keep a weathered eye out for these scurvy rogues demonstrating historically accurate cannon firing.

Bring Your Little Buccaneers for an Adventure They Won't Soon Forget

A two day celebration for kids of all ages, will include cannon firings, weapon demonstrations, sword fights, pirate naming, a pirate ship for the kids to board, and a scavenger hunt for Pirate Treasure.

New Providence Will Have Contests and Fun for All Your Crew

Let's not forget the adults having fun at the Fresno Pirate Festival. Along with the two stages of entertaining family friendly acts, there will be a beard and mustache contest for the furry faced fellows. There will also be an ale stand with both mead and rum tastings available. Arrrr.

$15 for adults, $10 for kids, seniors and military. May 16 & 17, 2020 Come in plain clothes or bring out your best Pirate gear! The County does charge $ 5.00 per carload.